The Classified Manifesto

Tom Boonen at the Classified Cycling WorkshopTom Boonen at the Classified Cycling Workshop

Classified exists to elevate the cycling experience to the next level. Taking the gearing simplicity of a 1x drivetrain and adding the functionality, control, and range of a 2x system, Classified gives the rider the ultimate cycling experience. 


Dive into our manifesto, where we share the beliefs that drive us, the passion that fuels us and declassify the captivating narrative that forms the foundation of Classified


  • Classified Powershift hub proven to be over 99% efficient
    Classified Poershift hub proved 99% efficient

    Classified Powershift hub proven to be over 99% efficient

    Using the most accurate test conditions ever seen in the bicycle industry, Classified proves that the Powershift hub is over 99% efficient in both the 1:1 and 0.7 gear ratios.

    By removing the front derailleur and developing the Powershift hub, Classified set out to create

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  • Classified's Origin Story with Dr Roëll van Druten
    Classified hub inventor Roëll van Druten

    Classified's Origin Story with Dr Roëll van Druten

    Ever wondered when, where and how Classified's Powershift Technology came into being? We sat down with the inventor of Powershift Technology, Dr Roëll van Druten, to discuss the origins of Classified, the journey from inception in 2013 to today, and what motivated him to reimagine the drivetrain as we know it.

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  • Classified XC MTB x Dream Build - Win a Wheelset
    Classified XC MTB x Dreambuild Youtube

    Classified XC MTB x Dream Build - Win a Wheelset

    Classified's XC MTB hub and wheelset has been given the Dream Build treatment, and to celebrate we're giving away a Powershift XC MTB hub and wheelset. Watch the video below and then enter the competition via the Classified Instagram account. 

    Working with the awesome Dream Build team, you

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  • Classified Event Schedule September & October 2023
    Classified cycling at Sea Otter Europe

    Test Powershift Technology at a Classified Event

    Join us at one of the upcoming cycling events to meet the Classified team, test the instant shift of Powershift Technology for yourself, and learn about our partner and product updates. 

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Precision, Power

and Performance

Powershift Technology is a wireless shifting technology that allows you to shift gears instantly and under full load.

The Powershift hub offers unrivalled shift quality, high gearing range and small steps in between gears combining the benefits of both 1x and 2x.

A shift in thinking for all

Powershift Technology
is available for Road, Gravel, MTB and Urban.




Unprecedented shift performance, efficiency and aerodynamics. Outperforming traditional 2x systems by far.



The most versatile gravel drivetrain. Reliable shifts in all conditions. Wide gearing range without having to deal with large jumps in between the gears.



Instant Powershift bail out gear.  Compact cassettes featuring  small gear steps and extreme gearing range.

Tri & TT


Maximise efficiency and aerodynamic gains with 1x efficiency, with the gearing range of a 2x system



One launch gear and one cruising gear, able to shift while standing still, lightweight, intuitive and highly efficient.

Trusted by champions

Anna van der Breggan

“It’s so fast, it’s unreal. 
It’s game-changing” 

Marcel Kittel

“The Powershift 
technology is revolutionary”

Tom Boonen

“This is the first leap forward in drivetrain technology for decades”

André Greipel

“After just five pedal strokes, I decided I wanted to invest in Classified”

Philippe Gilbert

“ I believe in the technology, Classified is the future of cycling”

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