About Classified 


Classified is a deep tech company with the mission to create drivetrain products that transform the riding experience and performance of all cyclists. Classified was founded in 2019 and is located in their Antwerp (Belgium) and Eindhoven (the Netherlands) offices. Classified's award-winning products (Powershift drivetrain systems and Classified wheels) are equipped on more than 50 bicycle brands, and available from a global network of certified distributors and dealers. 


Classified was born from a desire to challenge the status quo with respect to innovation in the cycling industry. To challenge the position of the incumbent players by using deep tech innovations.


Powershift Technology was developed in Belgium and The Netherlands by CTO, Roëll van Druten. It started with the classic story of a couple of people working in a small room after regular working hours, with a drive to bring true innovation to the market. Against the backdrop of a duopoly, and incredibly fierce competition (the incumbent players develop very good products globally), the product needed to be absolutely spot-on. The founders took their time before release, to make sure the product was right. Classified also developed their own test rigs and equipment to ensure that the development and testing process was 100% accurate.

The idea to develop Powershift Technology has its origins in a passion for innovation and cycling, combined with 20+ years experience of transmission development in the automotive industry, where Roëll (PHD & Postdoc in Drivetrain & transmission technlogy) had worked for over two decades in deep tech as a drivetrain engineer and noticed that the core drive train technologies hadn’t changed for the last couples of decades, and so Classified set out to show the market that innovation is still very much possible and that the rider experience still can be uplifted to the next level.


As of 2023, Classified will be present in the 4 main cycling disciplines of road, gravel, MTB, triathlon & time trial. With no plans to slow down anytime soon, Classified has its sights set on breaking into the e-bike and urban scene. Powered by the fantastic Classified team, the potential for Powershift Technology are limitless. The company will continue to grow and expand, with new team members joining year-round.


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