Introducing the R36, R50 and G42 Carbon Wheelsets

Introducing the R36, R50 and G42 Carbon Wheelsets

We are excited to announce the release of our new wheelsets, enhancing the climbing, aero, and gravel riding experience. These meticulously designed wheelsets are outperforming market-leading brands in aerodynamic stability.

Key Features

Climbing Excellence of the R36

Stiff, light and agile. Everything a climbing wheel should be. But there's more! The wider rim profile also increases comfort, making the R36 ready for the spring classics. Combined with a tubeless tire, the extra grip and speed guarantee a great day on the bike.

Aero Advantages with the R50

The perfect aero all-rounder that does it all in one wheel. Aero-optimised for wider tires and weighing just 1,415 grams, it is light enough to climb well, yet deep enough to cut through the air on fast, flat-out straights. Crosswinds are no longer frightening as side wind stability has been made more predictable.

Unmatched Gravel Performance with the G42

The G42 is the ideal choice for all gravel rides, from rough terrain adventures to high-speed competitive gravel races. At 410 grams per rim, the wheelset weighs in at just 1,350 grams and is one of the most aerodynamic options in the category. Thanks to the asymmetric rim profile, the spoke tension is more homogeneous than with symmetrical rims, resulting in a stiffer wheel.

The “R” series stands for road wheels, while the “G” refers to our gravel wheels. Our lightest option, the R36, is made for climbing but can also handle the rough roads and cobbles of the spring classics. Completing our road line up, the R50 is the perfect allrounder, focusing on aerodynamic stability, to keep the rider safe in side winds. Following the trend towards wider tires, this wheel is aero optimised and fastest with 30mm tires.

The G42 is Classified’s all-round gravel weapon. From winning gravel races to mastering multi-day bikepacking trips, this wheel can do it all and has proven it in 2023 testing. All new Classified wheels share a balance between speed and predictability. The decals are either black gloss resulting in a stealth look or shiny white for maximum visibility.

Wind tunnel results - outperforming the market leaders

In rigorous wind tunnel testing, Classified Cycling's R50 wheelset outperformed market-leading wheelsets from major brands. The aerodynamic efficiency demonstrated in the wind tunnel tests further establishes Classified Cycling as a leader in cutting-edge cycling components.

Hand laced and trued

Each R36, R50 and G42 wheelset is meticulously hand-laced and trued in the Netherlands to ensure precision and reliability. This craftsmanship sets the highest standard in wheel building.

Availability and pricing

The R36, R50 and G42 series will be available after Velofollies. Each wheelset is competitively priced at €1.500, offering riders exceptional value for their investment.