Classified cycling at Sea Otter Europe

Test Powershift Technology at a Classified Event

Join us at one of the upcoming cycling events to meet the Classified team, test the instant shift of Powershift Technology for yourself, and learn about our partner and product updates. 

At Classified we believe that testing a product is the key to understanding how it works. That's why we're so excited about the upcoming events in September & October, where we get to meet you and give you the chance to test Powershift Technology!

Testing truly is believeing when it comes to the Classified system. Once you've felt the shift, you'll understand why expert's like Bike Radar's senior tech writer Tom Marvin called Classified "an exceptional piece of bicycle engineering, replacing a front derailleur with seamless shifting under power and in all conditions."

As well as Classifeied products and wheels for you to test, we'll have a selection of bikes and wheels from our awesome partner brands on show. Come and speak to the team about how you can include Classified on your next dream build!

September and October 2023 Events:


Event: Date: Location: Stand: Link
Italian Bike Festival 15th - 17th Sept Misano Adriatico RN, Italy F7 Click Here
Sea Otter Europe 22nd - 24th Sept Girona, Spain  R16 Click Here
Taichung Bike Week 3rd - 6th Oct Taichung City, Taiwan Tokyo Room, Lin Hotel Click Here
Roc d'Azur 4th - 8th Oct Frejus, France TBD Click Here


Updating the MTB Lexicon with a new verb:

to Power·shift [Powershifting] {Verb}:
(also: the new benchmark in shifting gears)

1. To shift gears under full load within 150 milliseconds
2. Maintain valuable momentum during climbs and transitions, or before an attack

Classified’s unique 2 speed gear hub allows riders to jump through 46% percent of the gear range, or the equivalent of 2 or 3 rear derailleur shifts, within 150 milliseconds. As such, ‘Powershifting’ is quickly becoming the go to term for maintaining momentum on the trails.

Tests undertaken with pro riders showed a far greater use of the powershift hub gear as opposed to the rear derailleur, leading to an overwhelming increase of momentum through transitions.

“The feedback of professional riders is very promising and brought us even better insights into the enormous potential the product offers. Extending our range further into off-road space with the mountain bike hub confirms Classified’s vision to be a technology that is compatible across all cycling disciplines. We are extremely excited about the possibilities the new product brings and its ability to enhance the existing MTB drivetrain market." says Mathias Plouvier, CEO and co-founder of Classified Cycling.

CTO Roell van Druten adds “we are very proud to bring Powershift technology to mountain biking. With an ultimate gear range of 530%, the Powershift Boost hub combines a high-grade, one-piece compact steel cassette (11-40t) with a larger chainring, improving the overall durability of the drivetrain.”

Van Druten goes further to explain the benefits of the new system: “Using the Classified hub with an 11-40t cassette and a 34t chainring results in the lowest drivetrain ratio of 0.58. To achieve this ratio with a traditional system the user would have to use a 30t chainring. Using a smaller chainring in a traditional system lowers the efficiency and durability of that system due to the higher chain forces. The more compact Classified cassette also allows the use of a shorter derailleur cage, increasing the robustness of the drivetrain alongside the efficiency.”    

The Ringshifter:

The next generation of shifting, this sleek, fully wireless handlebar control provides unrivalled shifting performance with the lightest flick of your thumb. The Ringshifter can perform 10,000 shifts before needing to be easily recharged with the provided magnetic USB cable.

Featuring a unique magnetic spring back mechanism, the Ringshifter delivers unparalleled durability and a smooth, responsive feel. The functionalities of the Ringshifter can be customized to meet the individual needs of every rider.

We love events because it means we get to meet passionate cycling fans all over the world! Your questions and test feedback help us to develop our technology, so we never pass up an opportunity to learn from you. 

If you are coming to one of the above events then be sure to stop by the Classified stand for a chat and to test the Classified hub. Follow us on Instagram for more updates on the activations we've got planned with our partners and athletes!

See you there!