M25/30 XC Carbon Wheelset

Experience the ultimate in cycling performance with our  M25/30 XC wheelset. 

We've evaluated the use cases of our innovative Powershift technology and designed the M25/30 XC wheelset with it in mind. With tailored stiffness and compliance, our wheelset provides the optimal balance between performance and comfort, allowing you to ride with confidence in any terrain or condition


How to Buy
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World-class wheels
built for Powershift

Riding Style
XC, Light trail
Designed to perfectly fit a 148 boost Classified POWERSHIFT rear hub
Rim Type
Carbon hookless, tubeless ready
Rim Depth
Disc only
Rim Inner Width
Rim Outer Width
Wheelset Weight
1,365g(Including front hub, excluding POWERSHIFT rear hub)
Recommended tyre size and max tyre pressure
35-61c, 58psi/4bar

Disclaimer: The Classified Powershift 148 hub and the M25/30 XC wheels are intended for cross country mountain biking and light trail riding only. It is not suitable for enduro riding. Misuse may result in damage, accidents, or injury. Please use as intended and assume all associated risks