Powershift for MTB

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Available at your local dealer
from mid-June 2023

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Everybody’s talking​
about Classified

“Classified’s PowerShift hub is one of those special products that brings a new experience to the way you think about shifting. Everything from the overall packaging, to the instantaneous shifts, to the undetectable friction of the rotating gears is impressive.”​
— Matt Beer, Pink Bike
"Where it works really well is on rolling trails where you’re climbing up a short rise one second, then dropping into a dip the next. Here you can use the hub shifter, instead of the derailleur, to make a big gear change and keep your cadence consistent. Because the extra friction in the reducer gear is imperceptible, I had no qualms about using it regularly – something that was not the case with other systems I’ve tried in the past.”​
— Danny Milner, MBR
“The Classified system instantly came into its own here, with the ability to very quickly change the gear you’re in by the equivalent ratio of two to three gears of a standard cassette, without having to let off the power at all. Once I became more familiar with the system and the ratio change, I was able to supplement this change with a shift of the rear derailleur too, getting myself into the perfect gear to lay down some hammer on the climb.”​
— Robery Johnston, The Loam Wolf
“Where the Powershift proved to be a revelation and a comfort factor was during small taps, meaning small, unplanned steep climbs. What a blast! In this type of situation, we would have usually shifted several gears very quickly while forcing the chain to get to the end of the climb. With the Classified system, a simple thumb movement on the Ringshifter is enough to get to the top, without having to force the transmission at all. Just after this steep passage, the return to the top position (1/1 ratio) is done in an instant and we can attack the rest of the descent at full speed.”
— Adrien Protano, Vojo Magazine​

to Power·shift [Powershifting] {Verb}:
​(also: the new benchmark in shifting gears)​

1. To shift gears under full load within 150 milliseconds.​

2. Maintain valuable momentum during climbs and transitions, or before an attack

More gears, smaller steps

The addition of the 2-speed hub, multiplying the cassette gears and gearing range, gives the rider 16 unique gears to always be able to access the right cadence, reduce gear grinding and remove huge gear steps.

On top of that the additional gears are all accessible in the middle of the cassette which reduces extreme chain lines.

Increased durability

Combining a high grade, one piece steel cassette with a 10% bigger chainring, Classified is able to improve the overall durability of your drivetrain. ​The 11-40 cassette also adds increased stability thanks to a shorter derailleur cage.
Photo of the cassette and chain of MTB

How it works

Photo of a Ringshifter
The new Classified Ringshifter on the handlebar triggers a shift by sending out a wireless signal.​
Photo of a Smart thru axle
Smart thru axle
The Smart Thru Axle receives the wireless shift signal and triggers the hub to shift using contactless energy transfer.​
Photo of a Powershift hub
Powershift hub
The hub shifts between 2 ratios in 150 milliseconds, a 1/1 ratio coupling the cassette directly to the wheel, or a 0.7 reduction ratio making the cassette rotate faster than the wheel, increasing the overall range of the cassette.

Maintain momentum by


Ultimate gear range
Powershift increases the gearing range of the compact 11-40 cassette to 530%. Combining the largest gearing range available today with small steps in between the gears to increase rider efficiency.​ This reduces gear grinding and allows you to find the most efficient cadence when you need it.​
More pedal efficiency
Reduce extreme chain lines, which can help increase your overall efficiency and power transfer.​ Powershift has the ability to optimise your suspension performance
Combining a high grade, one piece steel cassette with a 10% bigger chainring, Classified is able to improve the overall durability of your drivetrain. ​

The 11-40 cassette also adds increased stability thanks to a shorter derailleur cage. ​​​
Shift under full load
With Powershift technology, you can shift under full load without any compromise, up to 1000 watts.​

Thanks to our instant shifting, you'll never lose precious time during your ride, making every pedal stroke count.
Our modular system design protects the hub and technology from the elements, ensuring that dirt and water stay out. ​

This means you can focus on the ride and let our technology take care of the rest.
Advanced compatibility
Whether you prefer the precision of electronic shifting or the simplicity of mechanical shifting.​

Our proprietary cassettes create a gear ratio fully tailored to your unique needs and terrain to achieve the ultimate performance and efficiency.​

Our MTB collection

Powershift Boost hub

148 Powershift hub schematic image
148mm BOOST

Boost Hubshell

Hubshell schematic image
28h SP CL or
32 Jbend 6-Bolt

Cassette 11-40 12s

Cassette 11-40 12s schematic image

The Ringshifter

148 Powershift hub schematic image

M25/30 Carbon Wheelset

148 Powershift wheels schematic image

How to get Powershift
on your MTB bike

It couldn’t be easier to start riding with Powershift and revolutionise your cycling experience.

Option 1

Powershift set + Classified wheelset


Buy the Powershift set in conjunction with a Classified wheelset from one of our official dealers. This full-package option includes Classified wheelset, the Powershift hub and a Classified cassette of your choice. It’s our no-fuss, immediate installation option.

Option 2

Powershift set for partner wheelset


Buy the Powershift set from one of our official dealers to fit it with a Powershift-ready wheelset from one of our wheel brand partners (not included). This option allows a seamless installation of the Powershift hub with a Powershift-ready wheel from one of our wheel brand partners.

Option 3

Powershift set for custom wheels


Buy the Powershift set (with hubshell) from one of our official dealers. You can install it on your new bike or upgrade an existing one. It’s perfect when you want to lace your own wheel of choice around the Powershift hub.

A shift in thinking for all

Powershift Technology
is available for Road, Gravel and Urban.


Unprecedented shift performance, efficiency and aerodynamics. Outperforming traditional 2x
systems by far.

View Road


The most versatile gravel drivetrain. Reliable shifts in all conditions. Wide gearing range without having to deal with large jumps in between the gears.

View Gravel


One launch gear and one cruising gear, able to shift while standing still, lightweight, intuitive and highly efficient.

View Urban

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