The most versatile gravel drivetrain

The most versatile gravel drivetrain. Reliable shifts in all conditions. Wide gearing range without having to deal with large jumps in between the gears.

Is there an alternative for the front derailleur, offering the same functionality while getting rid of all the downsides?

The answer is yes! Our Powershift Technology — a wireless 2 speed shifting system, integrated in the rear hub, allows you to change gears in a split second, under full load and on any terrain.
Photo of gear cassettes
Photo of a person tiding a bike on a gravel road

The next level in drivetrain efficiency. Less is more

No front derailleur
Significantly reduce aero drag

No cross chaining
Increase efficiency by straighter chainlines

No small chainrings
Avoid 45% higher chain forces. Bigger is better
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How it works

Photo of a Shift button
Shift button
The satellite shift button triggers a shift and is attached to the Smart Handlebar Unit, sending out a wireless signal.
Photo of a Smart thru axle
Smart thru axle
The Smart Thru Axle receives the wireless shift signal and triggers the hub to shift using contactless energy transfer.
Photo of a Powershift hub
Powershift hub
The hub receives the signal and shifts between 2 ratios, similar to shifting a front derailleur between big and small chainring.

Power and Performance


Ultimate gear range
24 gears, small steps, up to 530% gearing range.
More efficient
More efficient than traditional 1x or 2x drivetrains.
Instant shifting
150 miliseconds, that’s all it takes.
Shift under full load
Up to 1000 watts.
No need to worry about dirt or rain.
Competitive weight
Equally light or lighter than a traditional electronic groupset.

How to get powershift on your gravel bike

It couldn’t be easier to start riding with Powershift and revolutionise your cycling experience.

Option 1

Powershift set + Classified wheelset


Buy the Powershift set in conjunction with a Classified wheelset from one of our official dealers. This full-package option includes Classified wheelset, the Powershift hub and a Classified cassette of your choice. It’s our no-fuss, immediate installation option.

Option 2

Powershift set for partner wheelset


Buy the Powershift set from one of our official dealers to fit it with a Powershift-ready wheelset from one of our wheel brand partners (not included). This option allows a seamless installation of the Powershift hub with a Powershift-ready wheel from one of our wheel brand partners.

Option 3

Powershift set for custom wheels


Buy the Powershift set (with hubshell) from one of our official dealers. You can install it on your new bike or upgrade an existing one. It’s perfect when you want to lace your own wheel of choice around the Powershift hub.

Unprecedented shift performance
efficiency and aerodynamics

You’ll shift your thinking once you’ve tried Powershift on a road bike. The instant shifting will bring a smile to your face and shifting under full load will improve how you ride.

Powershift kit

powershift kit imagepowershift kit image
Powershift kit

Classified wheelsets




Spare Parts


A shift in thinking for all

Powershift Technology
is available for Road, MTB and Urban.


Unprecedented shift performance, efficiency and aerodynamics. Outperforming traditional 2x
systems by far.

View Road


Maintain valuable momentum during climbs and transitions. Shift instantly, under full load and even whilst not pedalling. Less shifting so a straighter, efficient chain line.​

View MTB


One launch gear and one cruising gear, able to shift while standing still, lightweight, intuitive and highly efficient.

View Urban

Partner wheelsets

For the first time, we’ve partnered with some of the world’s finest wheel brands to offer our POWERSHIFT TECHNOLOGY built into their products enabling cyclists to combine their favourite wheels with our innovative technology. Keep posted for available compatible wheelsets.

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