February 2, 2021

The Perfect Bomb: Jaegher & Classified

Jaegher and Classified join forces and created "The Perfect Bomb" Today, Belgian brands Classified Cycling and Jaegher announce a new cycling partnership. As of now, Classified Cycling's innovative shifting technology will be available for customers on all Jaegher measure-made race and gravel cycles.

Very soon after the launch of Classified’s shifting system last summer, both companies first got in contact with each other. After having experienced the Classified shifting technology, Jaegher was immediately convinced of the benefits.

'When customers ask us to build their dreambike, we want to offer the best shifting components available', says Kurt Stallaert, founder and owner of Jaegher. 'As the Classified shifting system is a real game changer, we shifted to Classified, making the technology available for our customers.'

As all production is local and handmade, Jaegher was particularly keen on co-operating given that Classified also produces its technology locally. The company was still making the final adjustments to the frame’s materials when the first order was already placed by none other than Tom Boonen, who bought the first Jaegher race cycle, equipped with Classified.

“The classy craftmanship of Jaegher and technological innovation of Classified are a combination to dream of as a cyclist”- Tom Boonen

'We are very happy to announce our partnership with Jaegher', says Mathias Plouvier, CEO of Classified Cycling. 'The combination of Jaegher's craftmanship building hand welded steel frames, combined with the ultimate shifting experience of Classified results in a beautiful, high-performant bike: 'The Perfect Bomb'. 'As Jaegher & Classified are both striving to offer cyclists the best products & cycling experience possible, and being both based in Belgium, we are proud to kick-off this partnership.'

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Written by
Jef Van Herck