August 19, 2021

Join our event team

Wanted: enthusiastic students and interim workers to join our event team!

Testing = believing. That's why we want to engage as much people as possible to test our Classified shifting system. To do this, we are attending a broad range of cycling events, giving all attendees the opportunity to experience our shifting technology themselves.We are looking for students and interim workers to enforce our local event team and to join events on a regular basis, mainly during the weekend.

You job will be to:

  • Attend cycling events in Belgium & The Netherlands (and possibly other locations in EU)
  • Load and unload all event materials (tent, beachflags, bikes etc.) at Classified's HQ in Turnhout
  • Set-up all event materials at the start/finish location of the event
  • Engage people to test our shifting system and inform them about our technology, how it works and the benefits of a Classified shifting system. You will be trained to become a Classified expert
  • Gather feedback and record some first impressions of test riders
  • Pack up all event materials and return them to our HQ

Do you have what it takes?

  • Being a cyclist yourself is a must
  • You are highly enthusiastic, open, and able to talk about cycling with different people
  • You are assertive and can convince people to test if they are a little reluctant
  • You have a basic knowledge of cycle mechanics and technology
  • You are regularly availble to join events, mainly during the weekend
  • You have a driver's license and a car you can use to attend the local event. For the roadtrip, a van will be provided
  • You are fluent in Dutch & English
  • You are reliable and able to work independently
  • You are a student or interim worker

What do we offer?

  • A fun job in the cycling industry, presenting our shifting technology to numerous cyclists
  • Being able to work with a product that will revolutionize the sports bicycle industry
  • Market compliant compensation

Are you interested?

Send your application to

Location: Belgium & The Netherlands

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Written by
Jef Van Herck