This is the future of cycling


Our rear hub based Powershift wireless drivetrain technology is revolutionising cycling. No matter what type of riding you enjoy, Classified gives you the ultimate drive train upgrade.


How to get Powershift


Getting Powershift couldn’t be more simple. Either upgrade your bike with a new set of Classified wheels, or purchase a new bike with Powershift pre-installed


A shift in thinking for all

Powershift Technology
is available for Road, Gravel, MTB and Urban.




The best all-round drive train for Road. Powershift is efficient and improves your aerodynamics. It increases your gearing range, reduces gearing steps and allows you to shift under load.



Enjoy an unstoppable adventure with Powershift for Gravel. Give yourself the range to take on any terrain, shift quickly and under load.



React in an instant with Powershift on MTB. Enjoy a highly durable setup with increase gearing range, shift quickly and under load.

Tri & TT


The fastest drivetrain for Triathlon and Time Trial. A Powershift enable setup is highly efficient, aerodynamic, has a wider gearing range and small gear steps.



Classified is coming soon to Urban bikes and will enable city riders to enjoy all the benefits of Powershift.

Trusted by champions

Anna van der Breggen

“It’s so fast, it’s unreal. It’s game-changing” 

Marcel Kittel

“The Powershift 
technology is revolutionary”

Tom Boonen

“This is the first leap forward in drivetrain technology for decades”

André Greipel

“After just five pedal strokes, I decided I wanted to invest in Classified”

Philippe Gilbert

“I believe in the technology, Classified is the future of cycling”

As featured in



  • What's the big secret in the Pro Peloton? It's Classified.

    What's the big secret in the Pro Peloton? It's Classified.

    After identifying potential time savings from the Classified Powershift system, team INEOS Grenadiers conducted research and testing to confirm its efficacy. The results identified measurable improvements in efficiency and speed and so the team made the decision to incorporate the technology into the equipment list for cycling's most prestigious events. This promised to give riders a competitive edge on the sport's grandest stages.

    Historic moment for Classified

    The first time the team put the equipment to the 'race test' was during one of the world's greatest stage races, the Giro d'Italia. Team INEOS Grenadiers achieved outstanding results during the first time trial: Filippo Ganna (2nd), Magnus Sheffield (3rd), and Thymen Arensman (4th) secured top-four finishes, with Geraint Thomas also making the top ten.


    Our technology offers unparalleled control, efficiency, and reliability, giving professional teams the confidence they need to support their athletes to achieve incredible results. 

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  • Join Ben Koch on an exhilarating journey on RaceThroughPoland

    Join Ben Koch on an exhilarating journey on RaceThroughPoland

    Discover the breathtaking landscapes, challenging trails, and unexpected encounters that made this race truly unforgettable. From gruelling climbs to heartwarming hospitality, this race report captures every twist and turn. 

    Get ready for a true gravel adventure

    The Start 

    The race began in Zakopane, Poland’s winter capital. At the crack of dawn, our ever-enthusiastic organiser Piko sent us off up a gruelling 20-percent incline toward the first mountain ridge. This initial ascent unveiled stunning views over the city and its snow-dusted peaks, setting the tone for the adventure ahead. At the start of such races, it’s common to see competitors pushing too hard, caught up in the initial rush of adrenaline. Maintaining a steady, swift pace is key, yet many find themselves overtaking only to falter later. I chatted with a few seasoned racers in the first few kilometres, which bolstered my confidence in the event and its organisers. Predictably, I was passed by nearly everyone within the first hour, but I watched them closely, wondering when our paths would cross

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  • Piotr Havik Secures 4th at Unbound Gravel with Classified

    Gravel and Glory: Piotr Havik Secures 4th at Unbound Gravel with Classified

    The Classified x Ridley Team fuelled by Foodmaker went to Kansas for Unbound Gravel racing for victory. Winning on the most revered of routes is a dream for every team and athlete, and we were there for the fight.

    It takes a team to get on the podium

    In what transpired to be an amazing battle, Piotr Havik sprinted to 4th place after an intense 327 km of unforgiving gravel terrain. While Piotr had to do the pedalling by himself, a highly motivated team was with him to support him throughout the ride. A superfast 'F1 pitstop style' wheel change to deal with a slow puncture at a critical moment in the race made all the difference, and although Toby Perry had to quit after 100 miles due to sickness, it did not stop him from taking action in the support car.

    Another success story for us was the young Belgian racer Arno Van den Broeck, who received a phone call from Team Manager Nick Sannen just seven days before the race. “Do you want to race Unbound for us? We have a rider registered who, unfortunately, is injured and can’t

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  • Classified at TRAKA 2024
    Classified at TRAKA 2024

    Classified AM Sales manager testing his limits at the Traka 360

    Hector Seghers (32) Classified Aftermarket Sales Manager, went to Spain to meet with customers and decided to use the opportunity, participating in the legendary Traka Gravel festival, not the 100k race no, he chose not to race, he and two friends entered into the 360km / 3700m adventure. It was only his second Gravel Race ever and pretty much everything was new for him, the bike, the shoes, the equipment. As a double 70.3 Ironman finisher, Hector knew how to

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